COLT-Man Seth Fornea in his Birthday Suit

As this site’s name suggests, this one’s about classic COLT men and nothing but – but, whenever there’s a new COLT man who looks like a vintage COLT man with everything that entails, then – only then - do I make an exception.

Seth Fornea is such a man. Exactly such a man! In every way!

See for yourself:

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With the body of a Wagnerian God, the smile of a Million-Dollar-Model, and the attitude of a … err … well, pornstar, Seth has taken the COLT-world by storm!

He breezed onto the scene, causing an instant stir, and how can he not? With a body that’s soft yet rockhard to the touch, a body that you simply can’t resist touching, and ginger tufts of hair and a bush that can’t be described as anything as the icing on this deliciously luscious, simply irresistible, man-cake!

He represents the Best of the COLT-men of yore, yet is a man of today, a born pornstar, of whom I can only wish, hope, and prey, we’ll get to see a great, great deal more of!

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