Man’s Man Studs Toro in a Super-Hot Solo!

Manly – moustachioed – matureStuds Toro is vintage COLT at its peak!

Studs only did two movies for COLT, both of them solos, and both of them super-hot, but if his in-your-face anal craving is anything to go by – he really should have done some hardcore stuff as it’s obvious that he really needs to be fucked! Boy, he needs it baaaad!!!

See a clip from the hottest (in my opinion) of his two COLT solos below, in which he’s a handy-man who gets … sidetracked … 

More on Studs Toro can be found HERE.


Cliff Turner & Burt Miers

well … if you’re into moustaches and having made your way to this blog I believe you must be, you gotta love this clip for the moustaches alone!

But … but … reducing it to just that that sure wouldn’t do justice to this fantastic vintage COLT video which also features some other scorching boner-material, including hot hairy asshole close-ups, great shots of rockhard butts wearing jockstraps … and this being a vintage clip – some hot raw-breeding of furry mancunt!

To watch the full movie of COUPLES 3, Scene 1, please click HERE!


Ed Dinakos, Jake Tanner, and Wayne Mills in: Muscle-Ranch

Muscle-Ranch is the territory of muscle-daddies (and former real-life couple!) Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner flexing their muscles before using them to show off their masculinity and their excess in testosterone.

In Muscle-Rank, scene 1, they’re joined by Wayne Mills for a jerk-off trio that’ll have you drooling!

Click HERE to watch Muscle-Ranch, scene 1 in full or click HERE for Muscle-Ranch, the full movie!


Erik King

Watch Rip COLT‘s camera gliding up and down Erik King‘s LEGENDARY BODY … like all videos in the Legendary Bodies series, this one, too, is a celebration of perfect male, masculine beauty:

To watch all 10 video of the Legendary Bodies series, please click HERE.

For Erik‘s turn – just go HERE!


Arpad Miklos

Hungarian born Arpad Miklos was well on his way to become a gay porn legend when he was found dead in his New York apartment just over a year ago. A gorgeous, uniquely hot man, brimming with testosterone …  … what’s more – so hot, so admired, and so good natured, that you can but wonder why on earth such an amazing man would take his own life, as apparently, he did …

Here is Arpad one more time, in one of his hottest videos, a duo self-suck, also starring Ricky Martinez:

For more videos and photos of Arpad Miklos, please follow THIS-LINK!


Mark Alexander And Joe Falco In: Genuine Leather

Now this one’s a film I still vividly recall seeing for the first time in the very early 1990s … I also distinctly remember that I jizzed into my jeans just by looking at the cover of the VHS cassette! I couldn’t wait to watch it after I’d taken it out in my local video store!!!

That beard on Mark Alexander just does it for me, and once he starts finger-fucking Joe Falco‘s hairy hole … oh boy … back then, it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. But even today, I consider this video to be the benchmark for all leather videos! It really did raise the bar. Way high!

(… especially the one between my legs!) LOL

This scene aptly opens COLT‘s by now legendary Genuine Leather series.

To watch all 6 episodes, please click HERE to visit COLT!


Ron Biaggi

This video goes way back to the very early days of the studio. Ron Biaggi, who stars in it, is an atypical COLT man insofar as he’s neither very muscular nor mature enough to be classified as a COLT model. He is, in fact, unusually lean, unusually young, but nevertheless – he is very handsome!

… and as you will see, the circumstances in which he jerks off in, actually, the full video, is very hot indeed!

Ron Biaggi‘s full jerk-off solo, which is taken from Man-To-Man-Heat 2, can be watched in full by clicking HERE!


Frank Vickers

Frank Vickers is one of those men, that COLT STUDIO is invariably identified with.

With his blond hair and his sexy, beefcake body, he’s left an indelible mark on their rough macho surface!

See Frank here, in a hot solo from the COLT STUDIO classic, Easy-Entry:

For the full version of this video, please click HERE!

For all of Easy-Entry – just click HERE!


Al Parker and Mike Davis

As a rule – all vintage COLT movies are hot, practically without exception, and they are so for any number of reasons – the men, the action, the direction, the outfits, the settings, and so on – but still, some are hotter than others, and surely one of the hottest is the pairing of these two iconic COLT models-cum-cowboys whose super-hot video is part of THE-BEST-OF-COLT-Vol.-3-4:

To watch the full version, please click HERE to enter COLT!


Ledermeister (… plus a bunch of his friends & fuck-buddies …)

I was surprised to realise that there are actually a total of 10 video featuring Ledermeister available on the COLT website.

This hot alphamale remains one of the most awesome, simply most perfect, man ever to appear in any porn flick, COLT or otherwise!

See him here, in a hot vintage COLT classic, also featuring Erron and Tom Lee:

The full movie’s available by following THIS-LINK!


Franco Corelli In: ReCharge

Franco Corelli definitely was – actually: still is! – one of COLT‘s most popular strokers!

Being str8, he never made a hardcore flick for the studio but like his rival, Carl Hardwick, his solo videos are numerous, and they are hot!

THIS one here is from COLT-MINUTE-MAN, Vol. 18 which also features fellow muscle-Gods Carl Hardwick as well as Billy Herrington:

The full episode is available HERE.

The full video of ReCharge, COLT-MINUTE-MAN, Vol. 18 can be accessed HERE!