Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzoli

Another one of those legendary COLT pairings: Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzoli, two legends with gorgeous faces, but most famous for their … insanely beautiful, meaty, chubby, uncut – looooong – schlongs!

And of course – in this hot COLT-classic, both men are extremely busy wolfing down their cocks until they choke on them, swallowing each other’s nut-sac and pushing back their foreskins and licking their heads clean of any residue there might be there from last night …

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Ledermeister And Dick Trask

Watch these two COLT icons fucking it out!

And trust me -  this video will have you gasping!

Watch Dick Trask and Ledermeister with their perfect, fantastic, furry butts, and watch Dick ripping Ledermeister’s furry crack open and finger his hole before shoving his dick in and riding him: 

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Hot Muscle-Daddy Leo Rocca Jerks Off!

Leo Rocca is one hot, masculine, muscular sonuvabitch!!!

What’s more – he’s got a fantastic, uncut schlong … and he knows what to do with it … better yet – he loves to show it off, plus his awesome body!

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Matt Ramsey aka Peter North Gets A B/J (… from a man!!!)

With COLT you’re forever in for a surprise, that’s one of the (many) wonderful things about it!

So, in this nearly forgotten flick from the COLT vault you get to see Matt Ramsey before he become Peter North … !!!

Or put differently, you get see Peter North before he turned … STRAIGHT!

Today, he’s only known for fucking chicks, but back then, Peter North was known as Matt Ramsey and he was hot (well, he still is, actually!), and in this truly hot flick, he shacks up with Brad Phillips, who’s one of those many COLT men I would have loved to see more of. A lot more!!!

Watch, how muscled up Matt Ramsey gets sucked by Brad Phillips before he starts feeling up Brad’s sexy, smooth, bubble-butt … next, he uses his fat stick, and true to bi-sexual form, he shoves it up Brad‘s very eager, furry, hole – bareback, of course!

A truly hot, yet rarely seen, COLT classic!

A must-see!

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Bruno and Clint Lockner

It’s one of those eternally hot COLT fantasies that have written porn history, starring two of COLT‘s hottest classic , moustachioed, men: Bruno and Clint Lockner.

In a nutshell, the film’s about a man alone in a motel room, fantasising about having sex with a cop, revving himself up into a frenzy …

(>>> A word on the side: My favourite part of it is when Bruno‘s eating out Clint Lockner‘s mancunt!)

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A Lonesome Cowboy On The Range

… being all alone on the range a cowboy can get quite lonely, longing for his special friend to be near and touch and kiss and suck and fuck him … … well, if his special friend is far, far,  away, a cowboy must resort to other means and measures to satisfy his cravings … and that’s what cowboy Don Atwood does in This sexy, classic COLT video:

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Al Parker & Toby in: CHUTE

It may well be one of the hottest porn videos ever … no doubt, it’s of one of COLT‘s hottest!!!

You think I’m exaggerating …???

WAIT until you see Toby tea-bagging Al Parker and WAIT until you see him pouring beer over his own – LEGENDARY – cock )a cock so fat, so thick, so beautiful, it really went down in COLT history as one of the most extraordinary specimens ever!), which then is licked up by Al while the camera’s capturing Toby’s hairy man-crack!

I reckon it’s safe to say that if this doesn’t get you off, you must’ve turned straight!

For the full version of CHUTE, please follow this link!


Brad Kalvo’s Hot Solo For C O L T!

This site is usually reserved for vintage COLT videos ONLY! Hence, the site’s title.

However – if there’s a man as H O T , masculine and sexy as Brad Kalvo, I think we can all agree that exceptions can be – in fact, should be! – made, for doesn’t he embody the very essence of what vintage COLT is all about?!

True masculinity. Classically handsome men. Body-fur. Attitude. Maturity. Sexy smile. … and last but not least: muscles!

That, my friends, is Brad Kalvo in a nutshell!

… and to watch Brad bust his nuts, click HERE to watch his video in full!


The Legendary Franco Corelli …

… shows off his LEGENDARY BODY in LEGENDARY BODIES, scene 10, showering with a semi hard-on that grows ever harder, displaying his sexy butt & and his awesome bod, lathering up while getting hot and horny …

Watch the full episode of LEGENDARY BODIES, scene 10, by clicking HERE!


Ray Dragon’s Sole Solo-J/O Video For COLT

It went down in COLT history as one of the hottest solos on record – theirs, anyway, but it sure as hell is one hot solo performance by any standards!!!

Watch, as one of the sexiest, most masculine men ever touches himself, feels himself up, pinches his nipples, before taking matters – the big, fat, hard ones - in his own, very masculine and determined hands …

Ray Dragon‘s solo is available on COLT-MINUTE-MAN, 10.

For all of Ray Dragon‘s COLT movies, please click HER!