Big Max And His Mates From The Building Site …

For all fans of bodybuilder-cum-construction-worker Big Max (by the way, I’m his biggest!), this one’s truly not to be missed as he‘s getting his fantastic body worshipped not by one, but by two hot studs at the same time:

For more on Big Max, please go to Colt-Studio-Group!


Tom Lee, Busting A Nut By The Pool …

… it’s a scorching hot summer’s day, and scorching hot hunk Tom Lee is all horned up from seeing all these men, walking, running, and parading up and down Santa Monica Blvd., bare-chested, wearing their cut-off’s, exposing their hairy, muscley legs, and proudly showing off their fat bulges … no wonder, the first thing he does when he gets home, is busting a nut by the pool:

The full video’s available by going to COLT-STUDIO or by clicking HERE!


Str8 Muscle-Sensation Bruce Emory In: Jack-Hammer

Seldom – if ever – has a COLT release been more aptly titled than this uniquely hot solo of muscled construction worker Bruce Emory, who’s taking a shower after a real hard day’s work at the building site …

… watch Bruce washing the dirt and sweat off his body before exploding in gush of creamy cum by logging on to COLT!


Harry Cribbs

… why, tell me WHY, has this amazing hairy muscle-hunk done only one single movie for COLT … ?

… now, if there’s a man that I can’t get enough of – he‘s the one!!!

Watch Harry‘s full solo video by going to MINUTE-MAN-11, also featuring Fred Slinger and Franco Corelli.


Hot Exhibitionist Owen Moore Gets Off On Showing Off His Body!

… first taking a shower and then posing and flexing his fabulously steeled body for our very own private viewing (and jerking!) pleasure … before he finally decides that his own meat could also do with some serious draining …

Watch Owen‘s movie in full by following this link!


Trent Fosters

Long before Trent Fosters became Australian sexport Nr. 1, it was once more Rip Colt to put yet another stud on the international porn-map!

… and the rest, as they say, is history …

… but here is, for you, Trent Fosters in scene 2 of HAIRY-CHESTED-MEN, starring 5 5-star studs, most of them str8, all of them hairy, one of whom is Trent Fosters, himself bi-sexual, stroking his gorgeous manmeat:

Watch Trent Fosters in HAIRY-CHESTED-MEN by clicking HERE!


Rick Wolfmier and Mike Betts

I don’t think there can be more fitting and perfect a couple than Rick Wolfmier and Mike Betts (that is, besides Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner … ).

Those COLT men really were out of this world! They played in a different league and it was but the fact that they drew breath using their lungs and that they had blood rushing through their veins that linked to the rest of the human species.

Everything else was beyond anything we ever saw and frankly, we rarely – if ever – have seen anything like it since!

Good thing, COLT currently digging out old, rare photos from their vault to remaster and digitize them. The latest set is by none other than Rick Wolfmier!

To watch Man-To-Man-Heat, scene 2 in full, please go to COLT-STUDIO!


Bodybuilder Alex Villaboas Filming Himself … Flexing, Posing, … … and Stroking!

This is a really hot one!

If you’re like me, and you’re into big, muscled, straight narcissistic beefcakes admiring themselves in the mirror until they get so turned on that they simply have to bust a nut – then watching fantastic Alex Villaboas doing just that will be the one for you!

To watch Alex cum, please watch the full version of PUMPING-FEVER: COLT-MINUTE-MAN 17, scene 8, by clicking HERE.


Man’s Man Studs Toro in a Super-Hot Solo!

Manly – moustachioed – matureStuds Toro is vintage COLT at its peak!

Studs only did two movies for COLT, both of them solos, and both of them super-hot, but if his in-your-face anal craving is anything to go by – he really should have done some hardcore stuff as it’s obvious that he really needs to be fucked! Boy, he needs it baaaad!!!

See a clip from the hottest (in my opinion) of his two COLT solos below, in which he’s a handy-man who gets … sidetracked … 

More on Studs Toro can be found HERE.