A Home Owner & His Gardner

… in this raunchy video you can see what happens when a horny home owner gets so carried away by the looks of his gardener – currently busy tending the lawn – that he overwhelms him and ends up licking his dick and cleaning his ass on the bed!

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Grafton Burke & Friends Doing Some Serious Flexing & Posing For Rip Colt

In THIS episode from RIP COLT’s SEX-RATED HOME MOVIES, Part 2, Rip Colt’s assembled a handful of hot, hunky straight guys – among them Grafton Burke – to show off their hot, sexy, muscular bodies.

Though their bodies are undoubtedly just that – hot! – what really gets me and turns me on about this movie, are the guys’ faces and their attitude, their composure:

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Jake & Ed

Jake Tanner and his then real-life partner Ed Dinakos were without any doubt two of the hottest discoveries by Rip COLT.

A lucky stroke indeed – for men hotter and more masculine than those two are hard to find!

That they were a couple sure helped to turn their videos for COLT into some of the most amazing, most jerked-off, videos on the COLT website (or anywhere, for that matter!). Their bodies, their cocks, their ruggedly handsome faces plus, of course, the chemistry between them – all contributed to make them and their videos absolutely unique, timeless and unforgettable!

Just watch:

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Legends: Zak & Carlo

… and this time it’s Zak who’s at the receiving end … this video is proof – for all who should have had their doubts – that Carlo Masi‘s as convincing and as hot as a top as he’s as a bottom and, that there just isn’t and never will be – anything hotter in the whole wide world than watching one hot, hairy, manly man power-fucking another!

While it sure is hot to see Carlo as a top – I get off even more on watching Zak delighting in taking Carlo‘s cock laying spreadeagled on a sunbed!

… quite simply: as hot as it gets!!!

Taken from WIDE STROKES, the full movie including all four episodes is available by clicking HERE!


Straight Stud Stoner, Stroking …

Stoner aka Bill Cable wasn’t actually gay … nevertheless, discovered by Rip COLT and one of his earliest models, Stoner appeared in a number of scenarios with a gay subtext which basically were solos such as this one, in which he stars alongside fellow straight stud Brian Dexter.

Eventually, Stoner had quite a career in porn, moving on to do some work for Playgirl and some other companies, too, though mainly softcore and solos.

all fine by me, though! There’s nothing wrong with having a hot straight man busting a nut, is there!!?

Quite the opposite – there isn’t enough of it around!

So enjoy:

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Bruno’s Jerk-Off Fantasy

Bearded and bushed muscle-hunk Bruno Bacarat has had a long work-out at the gym, and sitting in the locker room, about to take a shower, he can’t get the images of the many hot muscled men he saw at the gym and in the pool out of his mind and starts fantasising about them … before long, his cock’s out and he starts stroking, soon erupting in a gush of white, creamy jizz … … take it from me, the music alone is worth the watch!

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Chase Hunter Reloads Lane Fuller’s Hole …

with water … using his garden hose, in this hot, classic enema video, which is definitely the hottest and best one I know … and if you don’t, I’d very strongly advise you to watch it (… that is, if you feel like unloading … coz’ that’s what you’ll be doing … there just is no way round it … !).

Watch the full version of Reload, Scene 5 by clicking HERE!


Rocco Rizzoli, Hammering Nick Rogers’s Hole!

Nick Rogers was one of the many guys in the porn industry lucky and privileged enough to enjoy Rocco Rizzoli‘s famous, uncut, super-long and fat schlong front and back!

In this outrageously hot classic COLT video, Rocco’s hammering lucky bastard Nick Rogers’ mouth as well pounding his hole, while by doing so he grants us some fantastic close-ups of his manhole!

Hole-fetishists – don’t miss this one!

As always, the full movie can be watched on the COLT website or by clicking HERE!


COLT-Man Seth Fornea in his Birthday Suit

As this site’s name suggests, this one’s about classic COLT men and nothing but – but, whenever there’s a new COLT man who looks like a vintage COLT man with everything that entails, then – only then - do I make an exception.

Seth Fornea is such a man. Exactly such a man! In every way!

See for yourself:

Find more on Seth on the COLT website.


Ward Austin, Cowboy, Tending His Beef

Even cowboys get horny occasionally … … and a cowboy as much in love with his own body as Ward Austin, who looks like a perfect cross between a Wagnerian hero and a proverbial Hollywood leading man, even more so!

So what does such a extraordinary man do in cases like that … ?

That’s right! He puts on his favourite garb, positions himself strategically in front of his sharpest and biggest mirror, strips, yanks out his dick, touches his body all over …. and cumz!

… and to see Ward Austin shoot his load, just click HERE!