The Sexual Fantasies Of A Prisoner, Incarcerated In A Latin American Country

In THIS rarely seen yet ultra-hot COLT-classic, prisoner Gustavo Franco‘s only way of coping with being  incarcerated in a foreign country is by having the one sexual organ bigger than his cock work overtime: his brain!

This results in a string of sultry hot, steamy sexual fantasies and wet dreams, during which he can’t help but spill his load …

For the full version of THIS outstandingly hot movie, taken from MINUTE-MAN, VOL. 12: MASTERSTROKES, please click HERE!


Dick Trask And The Kid

THIS video, to me, is all about Dick Trask‘s insanely handsome and masculine face and his equally masculine, natural, body!

Most viewers will find the action between Dick Trask and his toy-boy, Billy Eld, a little tame by today’s standards, but as you know – the main reason I’m such a sucker for vintage porn is not necessarily because of the action, but because of the faces, the bodies, and, because the sex – though often less wild than what you’d get nowadays – looks so much more real and authentic than it does in most contemporary porn vidz!

And this one’s no exception.

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Jack Hacker Fucks Mickey Squires

In this sizzler from THE BEST OF COLT, 3 and 4, COLT legend Mickey Squires – replete with socks and, of course, his trademark moustache! – gets raw-hammered by Jack Hacker.

The raw power-pounding shows immediate results, as Mickey soon shoots a thick load all over his stomach:

The full movie can be watched on THE BEST OF COLT, 3 and 4!


Bob Hager’s Sizzling Hot Solo

There is a reason, of course, why Bob Hager - even though he’s by no means vintage COLT - has been featuring on this site ever since its inception: it’s because HE quite simply is the hottest thing COLT‘s cum up with since the discovery of Carl Hardwick and Franco Corelli, and thus is the very continuation of the very best vintage COLT has got to offer!

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Carpenter Ray Mars, Dying To Bust A Nut …

When the COLT Minute-Man series was still in its early days, each and every volume starring COLT legend after COLT legend, that’s when this scorcher of carpenter Ray Mars was recorded.

If you’re not yet familiar with this one – you’ll see that this is vintage COLT at its peak and at its best, featuring a hot, fantasy-plot, the perfect camera angles, and last but not least, a masculine, muscle-packed, stud who looks exactly what a masculine, muscle-packed is supposed to look like, men who’ve become synonymous with COLT studio itself!

Gents across the world, here’s Ray Mars, The Carpenter:

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Hot, Muscular, Welder Takes A Break …

… after a rough, sweat-dripping day at work, welder Bruce Emory longs for but one thing – a cold shower and unloading whatever’s been building up and accumulating in his nut-sac during this long, scorching hot day … … but what’s cummin’ is even hotter …


 … wanna get hot … ?

… wanna get dirty …?

… wanna get off …?

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Derrick Bolen & Erik Russell, In: Easy Entry

- Leather
- Muscles
- fat dicks
- nipple-play
… and lots of deep cock-sucking and bareback-pounding … 
… This just about sums up this extremely hot episode, starring two of the hottest, yet seldom seen, COLT-men of yore!

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Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzoli

Another one of those legendary COLT pairings: Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzoli, two legends with gorgeous faces, but most famous for their … insanely beautiful, meaty, chubby, uncut – looooong – schlongs!

And of course – in this hot COLT-classic, both men are extremely busy wolfing down their cocks until they choke on them, swallowing each other’s nut-sac and pushing back their foreskins and licking their heads clean of any residue there might be there from last night …

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Ledermeister And Dick Trask

Watch these two COLT icons fucking it out!

And trust me -  this video will have you gasping!

Watch Dick Trask and Ledermeister with their perfect, fantastic, furry butts, and watch Dick ripping Ledermeister’s furry crack open and finger his hole before shoving his dick in and riding him: 

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Hot Muscle-Daddy Leo Rocca Jerks Off!

Leo Rocca is one hot, masculine, muscular sonuvabitch!!!

What’s more – he’s got a fantastic, uncut schlong … and he knows what to do with it … better yet – he loves to show it off, plus his awesome body!

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