The Legendary Franco Corelli …

… shows off his LEGENDARY BODY in LEGENDARY BODIES, scene 10, showering with a semi hard-on that grows ever harder, displaying his sexy butt & and his awesome bod, lathering up while getting hot and horny …

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Farnhand Franco Corelli Doing What He’s Doing After A Hard Day On The Range …

This cowboy is in dire need of a well deserved break … after a long, lonely, day at the range looking after the cattle … there’s but one thing this hairy, muscled, cowboy longs to do, and one thing only … … … and that’s working out the one muscle which today didn’t quite get the exercise it needs … … luckily, cowboy Corelli has a cosy tent to retire to and tend to the muscle between his legs and those two, filled-to-the-brim, nuts which also want a good shake-up

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COLT’s Biggest And Busiest Stroker!

Being a straight man, Franco Corelli sure as hell did a huge amount of stroking – and all for a gay audience!

… and aren’t we lucky … !!!

I’ll say!

To have such an amazing – gorgeous – masculine - big – straight – man’s man yank out his dick so many times for us to see, watch, and yank out our dicks ourselves … well, it makes Franco Corelli the biggest and busiest stroker on the COLT website (with the possible exception, perhaps, of that other incredibly hot straight bodybuilder …).

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