The Pairing Of Two Legends: Adam Champ And Carlo Masi

Talk about the pairing of two legends: hairy, muscled, mature, Adam Champ and Carlo Masi both bring a new meaning to the term alphamale!

Their collective testosterone could set whole towns ablaze!

… and seeing them having sex on a motorbike is just about as hot as it ever gets:

Watch NAKED-MUSCLES, the new breed, scene 3, the full movie, by clicking HERE!


From: Rip Colt’s Sex-Rated Home Movies, Part 3

This movie features COLT discoveries Alan Albert, Bobby, Dakota, Grafton Burke, Ledermeister (!!!), and Richard Sternberger.

Mind you – this flick’s entirely softcore, but if vintage porn and looking at hot, natural, men’s bodies, walking along the beach with dangling dicks and semi hard-on’s … then this one’s for you!

To watch this movie in full – please click HERE!


Real-Life Cop Clint Lockner Feeding Mark Rutter His Cum

Talk about art imitating life!

Having been a cop in real life, in his porn career, too, Clint Lockner was forever destined to be The Cop. But hey – for once what we saw – and still see – on screen isn’t merely a fantasy as the fact that Clint really used to be a cop, and probably wore his own uniform during the porn shoots (!!!), adds an additional thrill to an already scorching hot scene!

Watch, how Clint mouth-fucks Mike Davis using his club and later, feeds Mark Rutter his cum!

The full movie of these three iconic COLT men in their only 3-way together is available HERE!


When Buddy Met Denny

Buddy‘s hanging around the beaches just outside Provincetown, smoking a fag while playing with his meaty, filled-to-the-brim, dong … … then, along cumz Denny … … and the rest, as they say … is (gay porn) history!

Watch scene 3 of RIP COLT’s SEX-RATED HOME-MOVIES by clicking HERE!


Will Garrett

For his very own PRIVATE-PARTY, hunky Will Garrett tries on various guises before settling for tight black leather chaps … ¬†… hey, who said masturbation couldn’t be fun!

The trick is Рto make a party of it! 

Watch Will’s full PRIVATE-PARTY by visiting COLT-Studio-Group or by following THIS LINK!


Fred Slinger’s Return In COLT MINUTE-MAN-11

Among the great number of COLT icons the incredibly sexy Fred Slinger deserves a special place for not only has he one of the most amazing cocks ever – but he also dazzled us COLT addicts with a change of appearance in the middle of his porn career as he went from totally smooth to totally hairy bearded!

There is not doubt which Fred I prefer:

Don’t you agree that his beard just makes him look that much hotter – sexier – manlier as it highlights his inherent masculinity?

Yes, Fred‘s also a little more mature than he was in his previous COLT appearances, which adds to the irresistible¬†alphamale appeal that he has in the video above.

It just drives me mad with lust!!!!!

To watch the video in full – please click HERE!


From The COLT Vault

… watch, how in THIS amazing video two guys are having sex … and to get some inspiration they’re watch a porn flick on video.

The camera goes back and forth as it alternates between the movie-in-the-movie and the main action!

It’s like watching two porn flicks both at the same time.

Awesome! Truly awesome!!!

The film stars COLT men Chris Thompson, Cole Carpenter, Cory Monroe and Pierce Daniels.

To watch this classic COLT movie in full, click HERE!


Bears Bronson And Marc, Fucking Outdoors

I admit – this is not vintage COLT, but I’m certain that every aficionado of COLT – vintage or otherwise – would well agree that this clip might as well be for not even Rip COLT himself could have improved on this episode!

Not convinced?

Just check out how muscle-daddy Marc Vallint hammers the big bear-butt of furry silver-daddy Bronson Gates who’s still wearing his soccer sox …

… to watch the full episode, please click HERE.

To watch the full DVD of BEAR – simply click HERE!


The Eternal Lure Of Carl Hardwick

Ever wondered what the most iconic COLT man of them all looks like today …?

I admit that I sometimes do … convinced that this eternally hot man looks probably even hotter today than he did back in the day. I hear he’s now become a personal trainer and professional bodybuilder.

I wonder what it would take to lure him out of his self-imposed (porn-)retirement and get him to stroke that famous straight dick just one more time

Anyhow – Carl probably doesn’t look much different to what he looks like in the video below, this having been one of the last videos he did for COLT (or anyone else!.


Find all of Carl Hardwick‘s videos and galleries for COLT by simply clicking HERE!


3-Way By the Pool With Jake Gianelli, Tod Parker, Trey Rexx

In this amazing, semi-vintage 3-way, hot bodybuilder Jake Giannelli is sandwiched between Tod Parker and Trey Rexx and gets his eager, gaping, hole plowed while he rams his rod deep down Trey‘s slutty cunt:

Watch the full version of this episode of Reload by clicking HERE!