Sharkey Curren

It’s one those unforgettable videos (and pictorials, for it also appeared in a hardcopy of  COLT) that’ll stay with me probably until the day I die … it’s because I first saw it when I was still (relatively) young and the expression on Sharkey Curren‘s face as he’s frantically stroking his long schlong is something that’s burnt itself into my memory, finding it as hot today as I did back then!

Sharkey Curren‘s only done one video for COLT – unfortunately – for he’d have had the potential to become a huge COLT icon, but somehow that didn’t happen. No idea why.

To watch Sharkey‘s video in full, please click HERE to go to COLT!


Brian Hansen Gets Side-Tracked …

This clip is not yet truly vintage … but in time, it will be – or so I predict!

What’s so hot about it is, first of all, is the gorgeously sexy face of Brian and, above all, the fact that he keeps his dress shirt on while beating his meat. Very hot!

… for you get to see Brian‘s bouncing pecs while he’s busy, rubbing one out!

This is one of Brian‘s first movies for COLT, dating back to 2008.

For all of his movies, please click HERE!


Carlos Nucci and Allan Worth

Meet MASTER-STROKERS Carlos Nucci and Allan Worth stroking it in Master-Strokes, perhaps the most unusual if not the most innovative of the entire MINUTE-MAN series:

For the full episode, please click HERE!

For the complete movie of Master-Strokes – click HERE.


Akos Piros In: Hostile, Scene 3

Though this legendary scene stars a veritable host of famous gay porn stars – Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga aka Giovanni Floretto, etc. – it’s the virility and masculinity of beefcake Akos Piros that totally get me each time I’m watching this clip … each and every move of his spell sex, he’s a man who was born to be in porn as he just exudes hotness, no matter what he does, but especially if he does what he does in the clip below:

To watch Hostile, Scene 3 in full, please click HERE!


Frank DeFeo’s Muscle-Worship Video

Up until now, it’s bodybuilder Frank DeFeo‘s first and only video for COLT.

With him being straight, all he can offer us are a piece of his ass and a chunk of his cock, and he gives of both – lavishly and generously - in this sexy muscle-worship video which predictably ends in a frenzied meat-beat, a glimpse of which you can catch in the clip below:

For Frank DeFeo‘s full solo video, please go to the COLT-website!


Aaron Cage

Not quite as vintage as most of the videos on this site, but give it a few more years, and it will be!

For Aaron‘s a man in the best COLT tradition: mature, masculine, muscled, and hairy. Plus he’s got an amazing, beautiful, uncut cock – and he knows what to do with it!

Sun-Stroked, scene 2 can be watched in full by clicking HERE!


Carl Hardwick Shoots A Rawhide Load!

He not only is one of COLT‘s most popular and most iconic men, he’s also one of gay porn’s best known and most jerked off to - men!

So, you may say that it only befits his status that Carl Hardwick shoud be featured in what in my opinion is one of the best and hottest MINUTE-MAN collections – volume 16 - in which Carl‘s joined by fellow alphamales JD Amos and Rowdy Nash!

Carl‘s dressed in full cowboy regalia, and if ever there was a man who was born to wear this kinda gear – trust me, it’s him!

The full clip is available by following THIS-LINK!


Werner Robles And The Cop

Hot cop gets his hard cock sucked by his submissive partner

In one of COLT‘s finest vintage videos, the unsuspecting Werner Robles happens across a cop who looks like he’s sprung straight out of a physique magazine.

He’s hotness personified!

And seeing him losing his uniform to reveal this body other would simply kill for just to touch it, is nothing if not major boner material!

To watch this vintage gem, please click HERE to go to COLT!


3-Way By the Pool With Jake Gianelli, Tod Parker, Trey Rexx

In this amazing, semi-vintage 3-way, hot bodybuilder Jake Giannelli is sandwiched between Tod Parker and Trey Rexx and gets his eager, gaping, hole plowed while he rams his rod deep down Trey‘s slutty cunt:

Watch the full version of this episode of Reload by clicking HERE!