From The COLT Vault

… watch, how in THIS amazing video two guys are having sex … and to get some inspiration they’re watch a porn flick on video.

The camera goes back and forth as it alternates between the movie-in-the-movie and the main action!

It’s like watching two porn flicks both at the same time.

Awesome! Truly awesome!!!

The film stars COLT men Chris Thompson, Cole Carpenter, Cory Monroe and Pierce Daniels.

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Bears Bronson And Marc, Fucking Outdoors

I admit – this is not vintage COLT, but I’m certain that every aficionado of COLT – vintage or otherwise – would well agree that this clip might as well be for not even Rip COLT himself could have improved on this episode!

Not convinced?

Just check out how muscle-daddy Marc Vallint hammers the big bear-butt of furry silver-daddy Bronson Gates who’s still wearing his soccer sox …

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Dick Trask And The Kid

THIS video, to me, is all about Dick Trask‘s insanely handsome and masculine face and his equally masculine, natural, body!

Most viewers will find the action between Dick Trask and his toy-boy, Billy Eld, a little tame by today’s standards, but as you know – the main reason I’m such a sucker for vintage porn is not necessarily because of the action, but because of the faces, the bodies, and, because the sex – though often less wild than what you’d get nowadays – looks so much more real and authentic than it does in most contemporary porn vidz!

And this one’s no exception.

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The Eternal Lure Of Carl Hardwick

Ever wondered what the most iconic COLT man of them all looks like today …?

I admit that I sometimes do … convinced that this eternally hot man looks probably even hotter today than he did back in the day. I hear he’s now become a personal trainer and professional bodybuilder.

I wonder what it would take to lure him out of his self-imposed (porn-)retirement and get him to stroke that famous straight dick just one more time

Anyhow – Carl probably doesn’t look much different to what he looks like in the video below, this having been one of the last videos he did for COLT (or anyone else!.


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3-Way By the Pool With Jake Gianelli, Tod Parker, Trey Rexx

In this amazing, semi-vintage 3-way, hot bodybuilder Jake Giannelli is sandwiched between Tod Parker and Trey Rexx and gets his eager, gaping, hole plowed while he rams his rod deep down Trey‘s slutty cunt:

Watch the full version of this episode of Reload by clicking HERE!


Jack Hacker Fucks Mickey Squires

In this sizzler from THE BEST OF COLT, 3 and 4, COLT legend Mickey Squires – replete with socks and, of course, his trademark moustache! – gets raw-hammered by Jack Hacker.

The raw power-pounding shows immediate results, as Mickey soon shoots a thick load all over his stomach … as you can see:

The full movie can be watched on THE BEST OF COLT, 3 and 4!


Ray Mars, The Carpenter, Needs To Take The Edge Off …

When the COLT Minute-Man series was still in its early days, each and every volume starring COLT legend after COLT legend, that’s when this scorcher of carpenter Ray Mars was recorded.

If you’re not yet familiar with this one – you’ll see that this is vintage COLT at its peak and at its best, featuring a hot, fantasy-plot, the perfect camera angles, and last but not least, a masculine, muscle-packed, stud who looks exactly what a masculine, muscle-packed is supposed to look like, men who’ve become synonymous with COLT studio itself!

Gents across the world, here’s Ray Mars, The Carpenter:

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Sweaty, Muscular, Welder Needs A Break …

… and you know what kind of a break it’ll be, right …?

After a rough, sweat-dripping day at work, welder Bruce Emory longs for but one thing – a cold shower and unloading whatever’s been building up and accumulating in his nut-sac during this long, scorching hot day … … but what’s cummin’ is even hotter …

Wanna get hot … ?

Wanna get off …?

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Antton Exploring The Canyon Of Josh’s Butt

In Manly Heat: SCORCHED, scene 1, Antton Harri and Josh West take a trip to the canyon … … their jeep breaking down in the middle of nowhere they can do but one thing only …

Stranded, and with all the sweltering mid-day heat, Antton starts to explore Josh’s very own and private canyon

However, soon dark clouds are gathering in the sky above the canyon when Antton Harri eats out Josh’s baby-pink rosebud which looks as if it’s all too eager to receive the thunderous thrust of Antton’s uncut, fat, schlong …

To watch the explosion that’s about to cum … just click HERE to enter COLT!


Tim Kelly Fucks Trent Locke

… because it’s just been released …

… because it’s so fucking hot …

… and because it reminds me of the best vintage COLT clips from the Jim French period … I exceptionally decided to post a non-vintage, in fact totally brand-new, clip!

It’s of furry ginger-stud Trent Locke getting hammered by muscled, hairy, sexy, silver-daddy Tim Kelly!

No man-scaping here!

… it’s all as hot, natural and archaic as sex between men is supposed to be!

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