Trenton Ducati In: Timberline

Even though this is a site dedicated to vintage COLT, I reserve the right to post non-vintage videos if I deem them appropriate (read: HOT!) enough and able to live up to the standards of what vintage COLT was all about!

This video, my friends, does exactly that. And more!

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… When They Cum …

After so many vintage videos in a row, I’ve decided it’s time for a video that is well on its way to become a classic COLT video:

TOP-SHOTS, Part 2,

featuring cum-shots of these and more men:

A.J. Irons, Adrian Long, Alex Andrews, Alex Eden, Alex Summers, Brandon Bangs, Brandon Jones, Brock Richmond, Cameron Marshall, Christopher Daniels, Connor Habib, Corey Martin, Dante Sabel, Dayton O’Connor, Devin Moss, Devon Hunter, Dominik Rider, Drake Wild, Dylan Roberts, Gavin Waters, Hayden Michaels, Hayden Stephens, Hayden Stevens, Jacob Marteny, Jake Lyons, Jay Roberts, Jeremy Bilding, Jessie Jordan, Kevin Case, Lucky Daniels, Marc Dylan, Micah Andrews, Nick Ford, Ryan Lynch, Spencer Fox, Steve Vex, Tommy DeFendi, Tommy Deluca, Topher DiMaggio, Tristan Baldwin, Troy Collins, Tucker Vaughn, Tyler Andrews, Valentin Petrov, Zac Blake, Zach Alexander, Zack Randall …

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Loren Marks and Beau Matthews

Two muscled, delicious looking beefcakes having wild, abandoned sex – that’s Beau Matthews and Loren Marks in Man-To-Man-Heat!

Male cunt aficionados beware: This clip features scorching hot close-up of same during pounding action!!!

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This guy’s kinda sexy. Even so, he doesn’t really qualify as vintage as his solo below is only two years or so older than this blog.

He‘s got a gorgeous face which, I’m sure, will only get better and hotter as he gets older. Plus, he has a pair of fantastic, muscled, manly legs, beautifully captured by the camera-man as he films Amancio from below while he’s stroking his dick. I mean, Amancio is. …  …  …

Amancio, who, I think, is also known as Marcus Ruhl, appears in two films for COLT. To watch them, click HERE.


Two Modern-Day Gay Porn Icons: Carlo Masi And Tom Chase

Naked Muscles: The New Breed, scene 4, saw the pairing of two awe-inspiringly hot gay porn icons who are similar in their looks and appearances, not to mention the fact that they’re both versatile.

I wanna know – what happened to Carlo Masi and Tom Chase, and why haven’t we seen anything of them, lately?

I’m sure, they look even hotter today than they did back then when this video was shot, nearly ten years ago:

There’s nothing like watching two mature men having sex!!!!

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Brian Hansen Gets Side-Tracked …

This clip is not yet truly vintage … but in time, it will be – or so I predict!

What’s so hot about it is, first of all, is the gorgeously sexy face of Brian and, above all, the fact that he keeps his dress shirt on while beating his meat. Very hot!

… for you get to see Brian‘s bouncing pecs while he’s busy, rubbing one out!

This is one of Brian‘s first movies for COLT, dating back to 2008.

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Carlos Nucci and Allan Worth

Meet MASTER-STROKERS Carlos Nucci and Allan Worth stroking it in Master-Strokes, perhaps the most unusual if not the most innovative of the entire MINUTE-MAN series:

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Akos Piros In: Hostile, Scene 3

Though this legendary scene stars a veritable host of famous gay porn stars – Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga aka Giovanni Floretto, etc. – it’s the virility and masculinity of beefcake Akos Piros that totally get me each time I’m watching this clip … each and every move of his spell sex, he’s a man who was born to be in porn as he just exudes hotness, no matter what he does, but especially if he does what he does in the clip below:

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3-Way By the Pool With Jake Gianelli, Tod Parker, Trey Rexx

In this amazing, semi-vintage 3-way, hot bodybuilder Jake Giannelli is sandwiched between Tod Parker and Trey Rexx and gets his eager, gaping, hole plowed while he rams his rod deep down Trey‘s slutty cunt:

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