Wilfried Knight, 1978 – 2013

In memoriam of porn actor Wilfried Knight who has passed away recently, today’s post will be dedicated to him.

Wilfried was a legend in his own time, and he will be sadly missed!

May he rest in peace.

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3-Way By the Pool With Jake Gianelli, Tod Parker, Trey Rexx

In this amazing, semi-vintage 3-way, hot bodybuilder Jake Giannelli is sandwiched between Tod Parker and Trey Rexx and gets his eager, gaping, hole plowed while he rams his rod deep down Trey‘s slutty cunt:

Watch the full version of this episode of Reload by clicking HERE!


Antton Exploring The Canyon Of Josh’s Butt

In Manly Heat: SCORCHED, scene 1, Antton Harri and Josh West take a trip to the canyon … … their jeep breaking down in the middle of nowhere they can do but one thing only …

Stranded, and with all the sweltering mid-day heat, Antton starts to explore Josh’s very own and private canyon

However, soon dark clouds are gathering in the sky above the canyon when Antton Harri eats out Josh’s baby-pink rosebud which looks as if it’s all too eager to receive the thunderous thrust of Antton’s uncut, fat, schlong …

To watch the explosion that’s about to cum … just click HERE to enter COLT!


Bob Hager And Wilfried Knight

He ain’t vintage COLT, he‘s not what I came here for … I can already hear you say

Look closer!

As I said elsewhere many times before, to me, Bob Hager‘s the hottest thing COLT‘s cum up with since they brought us Carl Hardwick!

You may not agree – but it’s my blog (LOL)!

Anyhow – if you’re not convinced – just watch HIM in his latest COLT appearance, FUR MOUNTAIN, scene 4. I have a feeling that’ll do the job …

To watch this scene in full, please click HERE.

For FUR MOUNTAIN, the full movie, please follow THIS LINK!