Joe Nyland … After A Swim …

…. after his long swim, moustachioed, muscled, manly, Joe Nyland first dries himself … taking his time, he dabs and rubs every inch of his body by giving particular attention to his butt and the hairy hole that’s hiding in its middle … … next, he wants to relax from his work-out and lies down on the couch next to the pool, letting his hands wander across his hard, hairy, body … … before long, his cock’s as hard as the rest of his body, and now … the second part of his work-out can begin … … after all, Joe‘ll be training and steeling his most precious, beautiful, and most important muscle

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Carlo Masi In A Suit

… just goes to show … a real man is as hot as a top as he is as a bottom!

Surely, Carlo Masi‘s man enough to look – and be! – equally masculine in either activity

But this hot scene has a great deal more to offer besides! … it also has Carlo Masi wearing suit and tie … … wait a minute, what am I saying – FUCKING while wearing suit and tie. What’s more, he does so on a park bench … let’s hope for him and his victim, Eric Valentin that they won’t be disturbed during their unusual lunch break … …

Find out!

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Jake Tanner In: The Big Tease

… but not to worry, muscle-sensation Jake Tanner doesn’t just tease you … he is an expert at playing with himself, feeling up every nook and cranny of his hot body, until he – and you! – are ready to explode.

and explode he does!

… and to watch him explode, and to see all of Jake‘s COLT movies, simply click HERE!


Walter Soares Fantasises About His Client

Ex-pro bodybuilder Walter Soares works as a personal trainer. He has a great deal of experience and consequently, lots of clients wanting to muscle up and improve on their bodies.

One of his clients, though, is his favourite … a sexy, handsome, young man with a rockhard, muscled body and the cutest face ever.

Having just finished a session with this young hunk, Walter‘s still all wound up, his head spinning with images of his sexy client … well, to take the edge off, Walter decides to quickly bust a nut under the shower while fantasising about his hot client … …

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Mark Rutter And Hank Dittmar: Two Cowboys On The Range

From a very hot, though by no means not very comfy looking position!, COLT legend Hank Dittmar gets his hairy hole rimmed by fellow-legend Mark Rutter.

Hank returns the favour by swallowing Mark‘s famously massive tool before they move on to other things … (in a more comfortable part of the stable) …

The full movie of these two hot cowboys sucking and fucking and rimming it out in the stable can be watched HERE!


Bob Hager’s Amazingly Hot Solo

There is a reason, of course, why Bob Hager, even though he’s by no means vintage COLT, has been gracing this site’s header ever since the beginning: it’s because HE quite simply is the hottest thing COLT‘s discovered since the days of Carl Hardwick and Franco Corelli and the like, and thus is the very continuation of the very best vintage COLT has got to offer!

As a result, it’s only natural that I should publish a clip of Bob Hager‘s first-ever solo video for COLT as I’m sure that I’m far from the only one who’s been eagerly waiting for it for way too long!

… and here it is:

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J. D. Amos Stretching His Muscles … all Of ‘Em!

… after his daily work-out routine, straight professional bodybuilder J.D. Amos urgently needs to relax all of his rockhard muscles … especially that particular one which is about to burst as it is so fucking hard that it aches

J.D.‘s full flexing, stretching, and stroking routine can be watched HERE!


Terry Bunz

My heart skipped a beat when I first saw this one a long time ago! I was on the brink of fainting … seriously!

If you are into:

- solos
- muscle-hunks
- teasing
- stripping
- men in uniform (in this case, cowboys)
- moustaches
- masculine men

… then, I’m afraid you will not ever find a video hotter than this one!

You won’t! (… but if you nevertheless should do, I insist that you’ll tell me about it immediately since I’d like to see it myself!)

Click HERE for Terry‘s full strip-show which, I’m sure, will leave you gasping (… and stroking!).


Frank Vickers Jerks Off To His Own Mirror Image

Please tell me – what is it that’s so fukkin’ hot about a bodybuilder getting off on his own mirror image … ?

I wish I knew the answer … but all I know is that whenever I see a hot – big – male - bodybuilder stroking himself into a wild frenzy while looking at himself in the mirror, my cock’s hard as a rocket in a split-second!

… if that’s what does it for you, too: meet classic, blond, moustachioed, bushed, COLT sensation Frank Vickers! There sure goes one muscle-monster who’s quite obviously in love with himself.

… and frankly – who the fukk can blame him???!!

For all of Frank Vickers videos and galleries, please click HERE to find them on the COLT website!


Bruce Craig And Ralph Whitaker: A Lesson In Ass-Eating

For all fans of eating, licking, rimming vintage, meaty, muscled, tan-lined asshole – you can take my word for it (believe me: you CAN!) that it does not, not ever!, get hotter and raunchier, and steamier, and more intense, than THIS.

It just doesn’t!

… and for the full movie, please click HERE to watch it on the COLT website!


Ryan Kilgore and Bill Curry

Rock-hard muscle and ferocious deep-pounding are ahead – in this super-hot classic COLT offering, starring muscle-hunk Ryan Kilgore and Bill Curry, taken from BEST-OF-COLT, VOL. 1 & 2 I’m sure you will simply love all those up close looks at dangling low hangers as well as those many close-ups of furry manly rosebud!


For the FULL EPISODE, click HERE, or for BEST-OF-COLT, VOL. 1 & 2, the full movie, please click HERE!