Matt Ramsey aka Peter North Gets A B/J (… from a man!!!)

With COLT you’re forever in for a surprise, that’s one of the (many) wonderful things about it!

So, in this nearly forgotten flick from the COLT vault you get to see Matt Ramsey before he become Peter North … !!!

Or put differently, you get see Peter North before he turned … STRAIGHT!

Today, he’s only known for fucking chicks, but back then, Peter North was known as Matt Ramsey and he was hot (well, he still is, actually!), and in this truly hot flick, he shacks up with Brad Phillips, who’s one of those many COLT men I would have loved to see more of. A lot more!!!

Watch, how muscled up Matt Ramsey gets sucked by Brad Phillips before he starts feeling up Brad’s sexy, smooth, bubble-butt … next, he uses his fat stick, and true to bi-sexual form, he shoves it up Brad‘s very eager, furry, hole – bareback, of course!

A truly hot, yet rarely seen, COLT classic!

A must-see!

For the full movie, please click HERE!


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