Al Parker (… and friends …)

Al Parker‘s a porn legend if there ever was one!

Working for both COLT and FALCON, in his short life he participated in some of the all-time gay classics.

See him here with another hot COLT legend, Mike Davis:

… and here with Casey Donovan in that gay classic to end all gay classics, The Other Side of Aspen:

Watch The Other Side of Aspen in full HERE, or for more on Al‘s COLT content, just click HERE!


Mike Davis, Moose, Joe Braggs: 3 Iconic COLT Men In A Filthy-Hot 3-Way!

This is one raunchy hot 3-some, starring three iconic COLT men of the 1970s/ 80s! It has Moose barebacking Joe Braggs who, later in the film, sucks on Moose ‘s famously low hangers while he gets his hot bushy rod sucked by Mike Davis:

Watch the full movie on BEST-OF-COLT, VOL. 5 and 6!


Mark Rutter Gorges Himself On Ed Wiley’s Furry Mankunt

This one’s one real beauty … even by COLT standards – it is extremely hot!!!

Trust me on this!

It has Ed Wiley and Mark Rutter in typical blue collar garb, getting down to some serious ass-play and sucking!

You’ll get amazing close-ups of Mark eating out Ed‘s hairy ass while we also get a fantastic view of Mark‘s famous, trademark, low, filled-to-the-brim, hangers!

Grab your lube and get to work, guys!

Watch this episode now in its full length on BEST-OF-COLT, VOL. 1 and 2!


Todd Maxwell, Diego de la Hoya, And Arpad Miklos In 3 Classic Scenes From Buckle-Roos, Part 1

… Todd Maxwell gets a cop-club shoved up his COLT-kunt … while …

… Diego de la Hoya gets his Latin-dick drained in a convertible … while …

… Arpad Miklos and Ricky Martinez are involved in a scorching-scorching-filthy-hot mutual self-suck …

… and all the while … Zak Spears looks on …

… and to watch the full movie, please click HERE.


Construction Worker Tony Ganz And His Colleague, Mark Sierra

Talk about passionate love-making!

This one’s like the Gone With The Wind of gay porn!!!

… sure, bondage, kink, and all that’s hot – but looking at the sheer passion and the intensity with which these two hot muscle-hunks are bringing a new meaning to the word love-making makes me once more realise just how hot vanilla sex can be … … also: it makes me wanna fall in love again!

Note: But all that is nothing compared to the beginning of this movie! Tony Ganz and Mark Sierra are two contractors who meet each other while working on the same construction site …

… see more of Tony Ganz and Mark Sierra by clicking HERE!


Two Modern-Day Gay Porn Icons: Carlo Masi And Tom Chase

Naked Muscles: The New Breed, scene 4, saw the pairing of two awe-inspiringly hot gay porn icons who are similar in their looks and appearances, not to mention the fact that they’re both versatile.

I wanna know – what happened to Carlo Masi and Tom Chase, and why haven’t we seen anything of them, lately?

I’m sure, they look even hotter today than they did back then when this video was shot, nearly ten years ago:

There’s nothing like watching two mature men having sex!!!!

Naked Muscles: The New Breed, scene 4 can be watched in full by logging on to COLT-STUDIO-GROUP!


Akos Piros In: Hostile, Scene 3

Though this legendary scene stars a veritable host of famous gay porn stars – Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga aka Giovanni Floretto, etc. – it’s the virility and masculinity of beefcake Akos Piros that totally get me each time I’m watching this clip … each and every move of his spell sex, he’s a man who was born to be in porn as he just exudes hotness, no matter what he does, but especially if he does what he does in the clip below:

To watch Hostile, Scene 3 in full, please click HERE!