Akos Piros In: Hostile, Scene 3

Though this legendary scene stars a veritable host of famous gay porn stars – Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga aka Giovanni Floretto, etc. – it’s the virility and masculinity of beefcake Akos Piros that totally get me each time I’m watching this clip … each and every move of his spell sex, he’s a man who was born to be in porn as he just exudes hotness, no matter what he does, but especially if he does what he does in the clip below:

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Mike Davis and Lloyd Kasper in: Now That’s What I Call A Rim-Job!!!

Just to be clear, this flick’s actually called COUPLES or rather, it’s scene 5 of the classic gay porn film called just that – COUPLES – but judging by the way Mike Davis and Lloyd Kasper go about each other’s assholes, it might as well be called how I called it!

These two studs really know a thing or two about licking ass!

Take a lesson:

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Al Parker and Mike Davis

As a rule – all vintage COLT movies are hot, practically without exception, and they are so for any number of reasons – the men, the action, the direction, the outfits, the settings, and so on – but still, some are hotter than others, and surely one of the hottest is the pairing of these two iconic COLT models-cum-cowboys whose super-hot video is part of THE-BEST-OF-COLT-Vol.-3-4:

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Ledermeister (+ Company …)

I was surprised to realise that there are actually a total of 10 video featuring Ledermeister available on the COLT website.

This hot alphamale remains one of the most awesome, simply most perfect, man ever to appear in any porn flick, COLT or otherwise!

See him here, in a hot vintage COLT classic, also featuring Erron and Tom Lee:

The full movie’s available by following THIS-LINK!


From The COLT Vault

… watch, how in THIS amazing video two guys are having sex … and to get some inspiration they’re watch a porn flick on video.

The camera goes back and forth as it alternates between the movie-in-the-movie and the main action!

It’s like watching two porn flicks both at the same time.

Awesome! Truly awesome!!!

The film stars COLT men Chris Thompson, Cole Carpenter, Cory Monroe and Pierce Daniels.

To watch this classic COLT movie in full, click HERE!


Dick Trask And The Kid

THIS video, to me, is all about Dick Trask‘s insanely handsome and masculine face and his equally masculine, natural, body!

Most viewers will find the action between Dick Trask and his toy-boy, Billy Eld, a little tame by today’s standards, but as you know – the main reason I’m such a sucker for vintage porn is not necessarily because of the action, but because of the faces, the bodies, and, because the sex – though often less wild than what you’d get nowadays – looks so much more real and authentic than it does in most contemporary porn vidz!

And this one’s no exception.

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Derrick Bolen, Erik Russell, In: Easy Entry

- Leather
- Muscles
- fat dicks
- nipple-play
… and lots of good sucking and bareback-pounding
… This just about sums up this extremely hot episode, starring two of the hottest, yet seldom seen, COLT-men of yore!

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