Ledermeister And Dick Trask

Watch these two COLT icons fucking it out!

And trust me -  this video will have you gasping!

Watch Dick Trask and Ledermeister with their perfect, fantastic, furry butts, and watch Dick ripping Ledermeister’s furry crack open and finger his hole before shoving his dick in and riding him:¬†

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Hot Muscle-Daddy Leo Rocca Jerks Off!

Leo Rocca is one hot, masculine, muscular sonuvabitch!!!

What’s more – he’s got a fantastic, uncut schlong … and he knows what to do with it … better yet – he loves to show it off, plus his awesome body!

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Brad Kalvo’s Hot Solo For C O L T!

This site is usually reserved for vintage COLT videos ONLY! Hence, the site’s title.

However – if there’s a man as H O T , masculine and sexy as Brad Kalvo, I think we can all agree that exceptions can be – in fact, should be! – made, for doesn’t he embody the very essence of what vintage COLT is all about?!

True masculinity. Classically handsome men. Body-fur. Attitude. Maturity. Sexy smile. … and last but not least: muscles!

That, my friends, is Brad Kalvo in a nutshell!

… and to watch Brad bust his nuts, click HERE to watch his video in full!


Ray Dragon’s Sole Solo-J/O Video For COLT

It went down in COLT history as one of the hottest solos on record – theirs, anyway, but it sure as hell is one hot solo performance by any standards!!!

Watch, as one of the sexiest, most masculine men ever touches himself, feels himself up, pinches his nipples, before taking matters – the big, fat, hard ones - in his own, very masculine and determined hands …

Ray Dragon‘s solo is available on COLT-MINUTE-MAN, 10.

For all of Ray Dragon‘s COLT movies, please click HER!


Mike Morris And Paul Storr

This awesome video can safely be declared a highlight in COLT-STUDIO‘s long string of highlights!

Two cowboys – one of whom is one my favourite all-time favourite COLT-studs, MIKE MORRIS – are taking a rest, strip out of their clothes (note: sexy Paul Storr with his check shirt tied round his waist, revealing a perfect, tanlined, butt!!!), then go skinny-dipping before moving on to hotter territories

To watch Rip Colt’s Sex-Rated Home-Movies, Part 3, scene 10, in full – just click HERE!

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Al Parker Jerks Off!

He is the gay porn icon to end all gay porn icons!

He may even well be the first one this term has been associated with. Al‘s cock, his face, his beard - OK, mainly his cock – all have contributed to make him one of the hottest gay porn stars – if not men – of all time!

This solo here, which actually isn’t one, really, also is one of Al‘s hottest performances (although, to be honest, he didn’t have to perform much – just respond to the various hands groping his sexy, steeled, body, his cock and stretching his eager hole …).

It is as hot as it gets!

For more on Al, please click HERE!


Carl Hardwick, Stroking His ManMeat

Being straight, the legendary Carl Hardwick only did solo videos for COLT.

ONLY – sounds like I’m complaining when actually, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the hottest thing any (straight!) man can do. Ever!

Besides – just look at those solos! Carl Hardwick is virtually making love to us as he’s stroking his gorgeous cock … the camera, however, reciprocates by running all across and up and down Carl‘s fantastic – hairy, muscular – body, greedily observing him as he continues stroking until, at long last … he releases his pent-up mancream which splatters all across his fur …

Watch Carl‘s full video HERE!


Farnhand Franco Corelli Doing What He’s Doing After A Hard Day On The Range …

This cowboy is in dire need of a well deserved break … after a long, lonely, day at the range looking after the cattle … there’s but one thing this hairy, muscled, cowboy longs to do, and one thing only … … … and that’s working out the one muscle which today didn’t quite get the exercise it needs … … luckily, cowboy Corelli has a cosy tent to retire to and tend to the muscle between his legs and those two, filled-to-the-brim, nuts which also want a good shake-up

Watch cowboy Corelli‘s full video HERE or click HERE for all of HIS videos!


Stoner Has His Furry Mancunt Rimmed By Dick Trask!

I swear – even the most spoiled and jaded porn consumers canNOT be left cold by THIS gem recently dug up from the COLT vault!!!

The way sexy Dick Trask goes about examining Stoner‘s hairy manhole is something no fan of vintage mancunt action can afford to miss out on! Trust me – THIS one’s really hot!!!

Watch the full episode of COLT VAULT SCENE 7 by simply clicking HERE.


Joe Nyland

…. after his long swim, moustachioed, muscled, manly, Joe Nyland first dries himself … taking his time, he dabs and rubs every inch of his body by giving particular attention to his butt and the hairy hole that’s hiding in its middle … … next, he wants to relax from his work-out and lies down on the couch next to the pool, letting his hands wander across his hard, hairy, body … … before long, his cock’s as hard as the rest of his body, and now … the second part of his work-out can begin … … after all, Joe‘ll be training and steeling his most precious, beautiful, and most important muscle

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