A Home Owner & His Gardner

… in this raunchy video you can see what happens when a horny home owner gets so carried away by the looks of his gardener – currently busy tending the lawn – that he overwhelms him and ends up licking his dick and cleaning his ass on the bed!

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Grafton Burke & Friends Doing Some Serious Flexing & Posing For Rip Colt

In THIS episode from RIP COLT’s SEX-RATED HOME MOVIES, Part 2, Rip Colt’s assembled a handful of hot, hunky straight guys – among them Grafton Burke – to show off their hot, sexy, muscular bodies.

Though their bodies are undoubtedly just that – hot! – what really gets me and turns me on about this movie, are the guys’ faces and their attitude, their composure:

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Legends: Zak & Carlo

… and this time it’s Zak who’s at the receiving end … this video is proof – for all who should have had their doubts – that Carlo Masi‘s as convincing and as hot as a top as he’s as a bottom and, that there just isn’t and never will be – anything hotter in the whole wide world than watching one hot, hairy, manly man power-fucking another!

While it sure is hot to see Carlo as a top – I get off even more on watching Zak delighting in taking Carlo‘s cock laying spreadeagled on a sunbed!

… quite simply: as hot as it gets!!!

Taken from WIDE STROKES, the full movie including all four episodes is available by clicking HERE!


Bob Blount aka Lloyd Kasper & Mike Davies

In the hot, classic COLT release, MAN-TO-MAN-HEAT, classic COLT men Lloyd Kasper and Mike Davis go at it in a car.

Each time I’m watching this movie I’m amazed at just how many things you can do in a car, to a car, and with a car … … it’s an extremely hot scene, involving everything you’d expect from a quality porn movie. However, in spite of the hot and raunchy fucking and sucking and what-not – best of all in this scene is the kissing!

This is classic vintage COLT at its very, very, best!

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3 Construction Workers Getting Carried Away

In this insanely hot classic COLT video from BEST OF COLT, Vol. 5 & 6, three insanely hot classic COLT men – the absolutely hottest of whom is (really big!) Big Max! – are construction workers getting carried away by the heat (…and by the looks of their own sexy bodies!), resulting in a filthy hot 3-way:

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Vincent Kulinsky, Stroking

Russion-born, dark blond, Vincent Kulinsky is one hot, hairy, masculine, hunk!

Here, he’s seen laying on a bed, stroking his fat, uncut, bush-surrounded, cock, fantasising about the men staring down on him from the posters on the wall:

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Dirk Caber & Tony Orion In: Beef ‘n Briefs, Scene 5

This, admittedly, is not a vintage COLT video – but frankly, it might as well be! For the chemistry between these two bearded, hairy studs is so friggin’ fukkin’ hot, you can almost touch it!

With their Natural Man bodies, both guys, Dirk Caber and his fukk-buddy Tony Orion look like they’e just jumped right out of a classic COLT flikk!

What’s more the way Dirk visibly enjoys every thrust of Tony‘s meat, to the degree where he just has toHAS TO! – taste, swallow, and eat the phat motherfucker with Dirk;s own cock staying rockhardsolid throughout the shoot – is just simply too hot to be missed! Fukkin’ trust me!

This awesome new COLT video is now LIVE on the COLT website where you can watch it in full and in HD quality!


Jesse Ditmar

It was considerable surprise that I noticed this morning that one, not only important but also ex-tra-ordi-nari-ly HOT, COLT man is strangely missing from this site: Jesse Ditmar!

With his sexy mouth, his even sexier permanent grin (which, by the way, reminds me of the young Burt Reynolds), his long hair (talk about one man able to carry off long hair and looking all the hotter for it!), to say nothing of his great, sinewy, nicely furry, body – I’ve always considered Jesse Ditmar to be one of the pillars of what the image and legend of COLT is built on.

I must admit that the fact that Jesse‘s younger brother, Hank, was also modelling for COLT at the same time was – and continues to be – an additional turn-on. That said, I’ve always found Jesse to be a great deal hotter, sexier, and more virile than Hank (… though, truth be told, he isn’t to be sneezed at, either!).

See Jesse here in his famous, car-wash, jerk-off solo which begins with him, well, … … washing his car … … before stripping down to his (tattered!) jockstraps …  (… note: that butt!) …

All of Jesse‘s movies and pic-sets are available HERE!