Bodybuilder Thor Anders: Stretching, Flexing, Posing … STROKING … C U M M I N G!!!

Thor – the man’s a legend. A God. Sheer perfection! Absolutely out of this world … … watch him, having breakfast with his cock conveniently peeking out from under his towel – rockhard!

Next, he moves on to do some stretching exercises – fully nude, of course! – with the camera conveniently zooming in on his – hairy! – crack … eventually, Thor will need some relief following his stretching and flexing session, and having worked all of his muscles except the one, it is this very one that he’s now taking care of …

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Kent Logan

Unlike the other episodes from Legendary Bodies, Kent Logan‘s is relatively tame, which is unusual since he’s stripped down for COLTon other occasions, full fledged hard-on and all.

But to be honest, I don’t actually mind, for so hot do I find this man with his beefy body and hot butt (that, especially!) that all it takes for me is watching Kent posing and flexing in his jocks – and I’m … well, sold!

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Chet O’Roark, Pumping Iron In The Gym

Chet‘s working out at the gym … but all those bench presses and dumb-bell work-out are getting him all hot and horny so he feels the urge to empty those nuts …

In my book Chet‘s one of the hottest men ever … to watch him shoot his load, please click HERE to watch his full-length video!